External voltage namino-generated

to power an external sensor I need 5V or 24V (a few current , max 10ma).
Is there a point in namino where I can hook up?

how can I do?
1)If I use an digital out to produce a +24V I still need an external voltage …

2)Vcc of J3 is it usable? ( To have 5V is necessary 5V jumper? )

So the same trick is possible to generate a 5V for +Vpot?

many thank

To power an external sensor you have a few choices:

  • use pin 3.3V or 5V on ROSSO or ARANCIO board (J7 side A);
  • use Vcc on J3 (remember to close the jumper with the required voltage: 3.3V or 5V)
  • use the digital outputs
    The digital outputs are driven at +Vp or 3.3V (chosen with J9)
    +Vp (voltage driven by an external power supply) can be between 5V and 24V.
    Using +Vp, the voltage of the digital outputs at logic level 1 is +Vp, therefore it is possible to drive and power the sensors with these digital outputs.

thank Sassi,
about J9 jumper position to " dig out power config".

  1. Jumper : center to ext-board= + Vpot
  2. Jumper : center to internal-board = +3.3V

Is corret? or inverted?

Hi GMB, is correct .