Debug mode error in the PlatformIO IDE


I use PlatformIO IDE for programming the namino board.
I open, build, upload and run the sample project namino_arancio_thermo.ino successfully

If I try to debug it opens a “Could not find the specified task” error dialog and gives me the option to “Debug Anyway” or “Configure Task”.
If I click on “Debug Anyway” in debug console I get the following errors:
“Error: unable to find a matching CMSIS-DAP device
.pioinit:11: Error in sourced command file:
Remote communication error. Target disconnected.: Success.”
If I click on “Configure Task” it opens the task.json file inside the .vscode folder of the project.

do you have CMSIS-DAP debugger ?

please, have a look

I don’t have much board programming experience but I have a lot of doubts about it.
Do I have to install the firmware for the CMSIS-DAP debugger inside the Namino or do I need an external device?
Is there a default debugger inside Namino that I can configure and use on visual studio code?

here you can find debugger tools

(arduino framework don’t have any debugger)

Namino uses ESP32 so you can debug in the same way as you debug ESP32 :slight_smile:
Please note that Arduino IDE and similar doesn’t have any debugger like GDB but you can use a terminal and a serial port ro print out messages to debug.
Anyway some JTAG or similar devices may exists but we cannot give support for these devices.
If you are not an expert in board programming I advise you to avoid having a debugger but to start programming and use the high-level functions that these boards offer.


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